This Is Why Coloring Is Important

NASA is now using my team's software to analyze astronaut genomes WHILE THEY ARE STILL ONBOARD the ISS. This will undoubtedly prevent them from carrying back any parasitoidal alien DNA. You’re welcome, Earth. I guess this means I owe my 11th grade biology teacher an apology. I thought those frog anatomy worksheets he regularly assigned… Continue reading This Is Why Coloring Is Important

Back to the Breakfast Club

I’m going to start showing up on some sort of Untrained Employee List at work in a few weeks. My company rolled out a new series of required training courses this year to teach people like me how to “build inclusive team behaviors” and “manage team bias” and “empower a team speak-up culture” which essentially… Continue reading Back to the Breakfast Club

Needs More Bear Traps

I just had a super fun discussion with one of the program managers on my team. Our software is going through an external security review right now (a normal and healthy part of releasing and operating trustworthy products), and this person found some obscure scenario that’s completely unrelated to the work we're doing. She stopped… Continue reading Needs More Bear Traps