If you’re here looking for new recipes or cooking instructions or dietary advice or anything remotely related to eating, I have some bad news: Eating My Way to the Top isn’t about food. Except sometimes. I guess I’m not actually sure yet, and for that I’m sorry. I honestly didn’t mean to lure you into reading extra words today and I’m sure you didn’t mean to mistakenly raise my blog’s popularity. You were probably just hungry. Or really bad at typing “espn.”

But let’s not blame ourselves.

If Google was better at scouring the internet and correctly categorizing all the content for us, like it’s supposed to do, then you’d be braising an omelet right now, or whatever, and I wouldn’t still be searching for the cure to male-pattern baldness.

Yet, here we are.

I definitely appreciate your time, though, and would love it if you’d read a few posts before you go and tell me what you think this blog is about and also how you’d help stop someone’s bare scalp from burning if they’d intentionally covered it with mustard oil and fenugreek seeds.

Please hurry.

I live with my wife in the Seattle area and have four kids, one daughter-in-law, a dog, four fish, a bearded dragon, three two one zero hamsters, and a 30-year-old snake. Not all of us like visitors, though, so it’s best to just contact me online.

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