Back to the Breakfast Club

I’m going to start showing up on some sort of Untrained Employee List at work in a few weeks. My company rolled out a new series of required training courses this year to teach people like me how to “build inclusive team behaviors” and “manage team bias” and “empower a team speak-up culture” which essentially all just reiterate the fact that it’s never okay to punch anyone in the throat, even if they use the shared microwave to heat up their leftover fish for lunch.

Unfortunately, I had to drop out of the final 6-week course this month because I spent too much time watching old episodes of The Waltons in a hospital room with my dad. Since the due date isn’t amendable, it seems I’ll end up on some report that bubbles up through my management chain.

I’m not exactly sure what this means, but based on the last time I ended up on a teacher’s bad list, it’ll likely involve spending my Saturday’s in detention. Don’t tell my dad.

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