She’s Off for Good

My wife and I just dropped our 17-year-old daughter off at the airport so she can spend the next 2½ weeks volunteering with a humanitarian organization that’s building schools and teaching English in Cambodia. Interesting Fact #1: Cambodia is not a suburb of Seattle. It’s not even in Washington or the Pacific Northwest or the… Continue reading She’s Off for Good

Awkwardly Silent Night

I’ve received multiple “Best Dad Ever!” awards through the years from my children. Sure, most of them were crafted under direct orders from grade school teachers, but the point is I have documented proof that I’m not a terrible father. It’s important you know this before reading any further. My oldest daughter flew home from… Continue reading Awkwardly Silent Night

A TSA Pat-Down and Other Things You Can Experience for Free in Boston

May 17, 2018 — 10:03 PMI’m in Boston this week for work. Lovely city. My favorite part so far has been losing my credit cards and driver’s license. I’m not worried, though, because I just called TSA and together we came up with a plan to get me through airport security and back home to Seattle tomorrow… Continue reading A TSA Pat-Down and Other Things You Can Experience for Free in Boston