Wednesdays are the Worst Days

Lots of people keep asking how things are going here in Idaho.


As you may recall, my 78-year-old father fell and shattered his hip five weeks ago. A few days after getting it repaired, he had an undiagnosed ulcer burst which led to another emergency surgery. In the month since then, his heart and kidneys have deteriorated and he’s needed a ventilator to help with his breathing. He’s had several blood transfusions, gone through multiple rounds of dialysis, and has had 750ml of liquid drained from his chest cavity four different times. He’s being treated for sepsis and something called stenotrophomonas maltophilia which I think is something the doctors just made up. He also had to have a third emergency surgery to remove part of his stomach and will eventually need a fourth to repair a torn rotator cuff. On Wednesday, he had a tracheostomy after his left lung collapsed and then the hospital cafeteria had the audacity to offer me MEATLOAF AND CREAMED PEAS FOR LUNCH BECAUSE THAT’S THE KIND OF HELL-ON-EARTH I’M LIVING IN RIGHT NOW.

Otherwise, things are really looking up.

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