On Our Own

My wife left me.

She’s visiting our grandkids and will come back next week, probably, but things are going to be rough around here until then. To survive, the kids and the dog and I created the following 7-day plan:

  • Day 1: Stock up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
  • Day 2: Carefully ration out our food supply for the week.
  • Day 3: Finish eating everything in the house, including all the remaining Advent calendar chocolates.
  • Day 4: Buy more toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
  • Day 5: Open our Christmas presents.
  • Day 6: Take everyone, including the dog, to Taco Bell for dinner. Stop by Petco on the way home to buy an extra jug of pet stain remover.
  • Day 7: Water the Christmas tree because my wife warned us not to forget about it while she’s gone.

Pray for us.

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