This Holiday Season, I’m Grateful for a Candy Bar

Let me explain. My 19-year-old son sent a family text last Sunday night confirming our weekly video call. He’d been working on a project all day at A.S.U. but was getting ready to walk back to his apartment so he could join us online at 9pm. Less than 30-minutes later, I was on the phone… Continue reading This Holiday Season, I’m Grateful for a Candy Bar

Not Everyone Deserves a Trophy

I’m terrible at a lot of things, but especially at baseball. I know this because my Little League coach told me so when I was eleven. I was, perhaps, a bit pudgy and uncoordinated for my age, so things like throwing and catching and running were embarrassingly problematic. Still, I showed up to every practice… Continue reading Not Everyone Deserves a Trophy

I Often Lack the Right Perspective

Today my nine-year-old called me upstairs to witness the maiden flight of his latest paper airplane — the Triple X. He’d been working on it all morning so we both had high expectations for the flight. Unfortunately, it was short-lived. The “flight” was really more of a tumultuous freefall and what aviation experts would likely classify as… Continue reading I Often Lack the Right Perspective