Warmest Thoughts

The funeral home that helped plan and conduct my dad’s service 8 months ago sent a birthday card TO MY DAD.

(Dear Max,) “May the year ahead be filled with new opportunities . . .”

Then it somehow got worse because they signed it with “Warmest thoughts” which seems totally inappropriate considering they cremated him.

This is simultaneously the most tactless and most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. The only person who would’ve laughed harder than I did, though, would’ve been my dad. I’m so grateful he taught me how to find humor in even the darkest of situations.

I miss him every day. Hopefully the Get Well Soon card I sent will help perk him up.

3 thoughts on “Warmest Thoughts”

  1. Tracy, they do say letter-writing is a dying art. Perhaps you could revive it by continuing the correspondence and inquiring as to whether they know something the rest of us don’t. A forwarding address, perhaps? I think this is the dictionary definition of awkward.

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