Marriage Test

Let’s pretend someone you love very much accidentally left his/her purse in the car which is parked in the driveway because the garage is full of more essential items like bicycles.

Question: After they retrieve it and come back in from the freezing rain, do you A) Say nothing and pretend like it wasn’t really a big deal that they purposely chose to go through the garage, or B) Astutely point out that using the front would’ve been more efficient because it doesn’t require extra electricity or cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on all the specialized parts used to lift a 200lb door or let in so much cold air?

Choose wisely.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Test”

  1. Anyone who values his/her marriage would say nothing. Just because something is true, and you may be right doesn’t mean it needs to be said. Silence is both smart and golden. I would call this a no-brainer….

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