Good with Words

Two things:

  1. The standard sentence for first degree murder in the state of Washington is 20-26 years.
  2. My wife and I have been married for 27 years today.

This means if she would’ve intentionally killed someone instead of marrying me back in ’92, she’d most likely be a free woman right now. Or at least awaiting parole from the comfort of a concrete cell. Instead, she spent last night in a tent with me in the mountains above Snoqualmie Pass.

If you think sleeping under a starry sky sounds romantic, it’s probably because you’re the type of person who remembers to pack mosquito repellant when traveling to remote wilderness lakes. And the type of person who doesn’t mind sharing a two-person tent with the love of your life and also your 14-year-old son and family dog. And also the type of person who can easily tell the difference between ravenous black bears and tree stumps that look like ravenous black bears.

My point is, I’m not the most romantic husband in the world but I try to tell my wife every day how much I’m glad she isn’t a murderer. And isn’t that really the key to any happy marriage?

7 thoughts on “Good with Words”

  1. You smooth talker you. No wonder your wife fell for you! I’ve got to go say something romantic like that to my wife now. I’ve got it! I’ll tell her thank you for saying yes to marrying me before that other girl Elinor did! I can’t thank you enough, Tracy. 😀

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  2. I so wish I could laugh… Guess I could have waited and murdered my husband, but for a number of excellent reasons, I chose divorce after 3 hellish years. Camping is not my (sleeping) bag, and we did more than enough of it to reach my limit of grace. I do NOT understand a man who would wake up his finally sleeping wife to say, “Shh, I think I heard a bear!” and then happily nod off. Today, I’ll betcha a woman could be acquitted if she convinced the jury she thought he WAS the bear. Kudos to you and your wife 🙂

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