Old and Bitter

For my birthday this year I got Brussels sprouts.

That’s not what I wanted, of course. I wanted sushi, but the restaurant Tamie took me to for dinner was closed. She then drove us to the nearest restaurant with “fish” in its name which seemed promising until we looked at the menu and realized they insisted on fully cooking all their food. Dejectedly, I asked our waitress to just surprise me with something delicious and that’s how I ended up with pan-roasted Brussels sprouts.

Don’t worry, I still tipped her.

It’s my own fault. I’m one of those annoying people who buys themselves things they want, so it’s almost impossible to shop for me. Instead of things, then, Tamie started gifting me experiences. Last year, for example, she enrolled me in a two-day mountain biking course with a pro rider. I loved it because it didn’t taste like bitter vegetables.

Which I guess is now the low bar for all future birthdays.

4 thoughts on “Old and Bitter”

  1. Well, that’s a 500 batting average, not bad. Btw, it’s tricky to do it right, but brussels sprouts don’t have to taste bitter. If there’s a Cooper’s Hawk near you, they do amazing things with them (I had to be talked into trying them too).

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