Help Wanted

My mom called to yell at me on my way to work today. At first I thought she’d found out about that time in college my friends and I got caught sneaking into a penthouse in downtown Vegas, but then realized she was actually yelling because my dad was outside shoveling snow off their driveway and I was like, yeah, let’s focus all of our rage on that thing instead.

Before you get all judgy on me, it’s important to know that my dad is 76 and has COPD and relies on supplemental oxygen to help keep him alive even when he’s not relocating frozen precipitation. Clearly, then, we were both sincerely concerned about his health and worried that if anything happened to him there’d be no one around to help my mom record all of the new Hallmark Christmas movies that are on this time of year.

So please, if you live in Southeastern Idaho and see it snowing outside, grab a shovel and/or a tv guide and head over to their place. I’ll furnish the hot chocolate as long as you don’t tell them about Vegas.

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