Trying, Still

My youngest son and I tried wake surfing for the first time last week. Despite all the helpful advice I kept shouting at him from the boat like “Try sinking less quickly!” and “You probably need more sunscreen!”, he just couldn’t get up. But the more he failed, the more impressed I became with his resolve. He remained cheerful and hopeful and confident long after the point I would’ve either rage quit or died from absorbing too much lake water through my eyeballs. He just kept going, though, and whenever anyone asked if he was tired and/or ready to quit, he’d just smile and say, “I’m going to keep trying as long as someone keeps throwing me the rope!”

And he did.

I wanted so badly to say something that would help him be better at surfing that day, but I simply couldn’t find the right words. Instead, he taught me how to be better at life.

I’m not good at a lot of things and know I’m not always the best father or husband or son or friend. I’m going to keep trying, though, as long as someone will keep throwing me the rope.

Originally posted on Medium.

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