New Dance Floor

My wife and I decided to spice up our marriage by having all the wood flooring forcibly removed from our home. Sure, we could’ve just booked a themed hotel room for the weekend or taken a romantic dance class together, but this way we’ll get to spend the next several weeks passionately debating new stain colors and tenderly removing splinters from each other’s feet at night.

3 thoughts on “New Dance Floor”

  1. We were doing some repairs on a vent in the living room a couple of years ago and found, gasp, a solid oak floor under the carpet. OMG! Who would cover up a solid oak floor with carpet? I guess they didn’t want to spend the time cleaning the thing. They put in Dark Maroon carpet. Average time it was clean? 12 minutes. Everything tracked in showed. So this last week, my son came in and removed all the carpet. Wow. Spectacular! The stairs need work, though. So what I want to ask is this: If you already had wood floors, why’d you pull them out just to replace them with other wood?

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  2. Because we were hoping to find a pristine layer of dark maroon carpet below them! Unfortunately, it was wood all the way down. 🙂 No, after being in this house for over 16 years we were just ready for a bigger change than sanding + resurfacing could provide.


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